You’re proud of yourself for rescuing your dog.

It's ok to admit it. Because you should be!!

It only takes a brief Google search to know that rescuing/adopting a dog isn’t something that everyone is capable of doing. 

Rescuing a dog takes a specific type of person and level of dedication that many people don’t have.

But you do. Oh and let's not SAVED a LIFE! 

Saved. A. Freaking. Life! 

That’s superhero level stuff. 

That settles it then: there is definitely nothing wrong with being proud that you’ve rescued your dog and wanting to share that you’ve done so with others. In fact, you SHOULD let people know that your dog is a rescue and share your dog’s rescue story!

Because believe it or not, hearing your dog’s rescue story and seeing the happiness and love that comes with rescuing will inspire people to rescue their next dog. 

I learned this fact throughout the 9 years I worked in veterinary medicine by asking first-time rescue dog owners why they decided to rescue over buying from a breeder. Every single one of them stated that, for a variety of reasons, they hadn't even considered rescuing a dog until they learned about someone else having done so first. 

And over time, as they would keep hearing more and more rescue stories and seeing the dogs that came from those stories, the possibility of rescuing a dog became more and more realistic.

If you think about how reviews or recommendations work, it makes sense. When you hear about a new product or service that lines up with your interests or needs, you become curious about it. As you keep hearing from people how great it is, you will eventually end up buying it. It's the same as checking out Amazon reviews before you commit to buying something.

Basically, letting other people know your dog is a rescue and sharing his/her story is like leaving a positive review for rescuing dogs.

Here's where most of you will ask, "Why on earth would people need positive reviews to rescue a dog?!"

Even though you might think the positive outcome of rescuing a dog is super obvious, many others don't see it that way. 

Thanks to the misguided stigmas surrounding shelter or rescue dogs, a lot of people aren't aware that rescue dogs come in all breeds and can have any temperament. They just assume any purebred looking, well-socialized dogs can only be from a breeder and have been in the same loving home their entire lives. 

Negativity, such as the shame and guilt that unfortunately does get thrown at people from some groups in the "rescue world", can easily cause people to avoid the possibility of rescuing altogether.

All of this just means that the more you share your dog's story, or let people know that your fantastic dog is a rescue, the more people you will inspire to rescue/adopt.

Imagine how it would feel, knowing you're saving hundreds more dogs' lives by creating more homes for them by inspiring more people to rescue. Ultra superhero level stuff, right there.

But how can that inspiration strike unless they know your dog is a rescue?

As a rescue dog owner, you know that they come in all breeds, temperament, health, age, and come from all sorts of backgrounds. You know that there's no way to correctly identify a dog as a rescue and know its history based on its appearance or behavior alone. 

Soooo...other than trying to tell every single person that smiles at your dog that he/she is a rescue, how else are you going to let people know you rescued your dog and help inspire them to do the same?

Putting something on your dog's leash and/or collar is the most efficient non-verbal way to signify your dog as a rescue. But it has to be big enough to be distinguishable from far away, yet small enough to fit on a leash. there even a symbol for letting others know that your dog is a rescue?

There is now.

Specifically designed to help you let others know you rescued your dog and inspire more people to do the same, Best Life Leashes' two-white stripe design acts as an automatic positive review for rescuing dogs.

Click this to check out the 6 things people love about this leash.

Bright enough to be seen from far away and simple enough to be easily recognized, even on a leash, these two-white stripes make it impossible for anyone to continue the stigmas attached to rescue dogs. Every pair of white stripes seen add to a person's journey of inspiration towards rescuing their first dog. 

By using a Best Life Leashes product, inspiring people to rescue and saving more dogs' lives is as easy as a walk in the park. All you have to do is Let Your Stripes Show.

Do you have a rescue dog? 

 Join the community of proud rescue parents sharing their stripes.

Inspire more people to rescue. Save more lives. 

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