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Our success means more support for the dogs that need it until they, too, find their forever homes. 

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ACCT Philly Logo

ACCT Philly

Located in North Philadelphia, ACCT Philly is the region’s largest animal care and control service provider. It takes in nearly 18,000 animals annually and has been actively taking measures to reduce intakes since 2018. It offers adoption, foster and volunteer programs as well as owner surrender prevention resources.

Code: ACCT

Amazing Strays Rescue Logo

Amazing Strays Rescue

Based in San Diego, Amazing Strays Rescue is an all-breed, foster-based, non-profit dog & cat rescue that knows no geographical boundaries. Dedicated to rescuing homeless or at-risk dogs and aiding in the efforts to combat overpopulation and the spread of disease, Amazing Strays Rescue works with shelters to overcome such challenges much more efficiently.


A New Life Charitable Foundation

A New Life Charitable Foundation

A New Life Charitable Foundation is a volunteer-based non-profit animal rescue located in San Diego, CA. Utilizing their extensive network consisting of lifelong volunteers, veterinarians and professional animal-welfare advocates, they provide medical care, rehabilitation, & training for animals in need. They also provide education for pet owners on how to improve routine care and the environment for pets.

Code: LIFE

Angela's Ark Logo

Angela's Ark

As the name suggests, Angela’s Ark is a non-profit that rescues, rehabilitates, and raises awareness for animals in need with an “all animals on board” approach. Their founder is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for North Carolina, so their efforts range from wildlife rehabilitation, giving abused and neglected animals a second chance at life, to helping with spay/neuter efforts throughout the community.

Code: ARK

The Animal Pad Logo

The Animal Pad

The Animal Pad is a non-profit, all-breed dog rescue in San Diego, California. They focus on pulling dogs from overcrowded shelters and off the streets of Mexico. Their goal is to build, operate, and maintain an animal sanctuary that would become the model to expand into other cities, and help others who want to create similar facilities.


Austin Bulldog Rescue Logo

Austin Bulldog Rescue

Austin Bulldog Rescue is a non-profit, volunteer-based rescue that specializes in rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing Bulldogs throughout the state of Texas. They’re also dedicated to educating owners on responsible dog ownership, and educating the public on the Bulldog breed. Their intention is to make the best match for every Bulldog they rescue, taking into consideration the Bulldog’s background and any potential adopter’s needs.


A Way Home For Dogs Logo

A Way Home for Dogs

Founded by Babs Fry, A Way Home for Dogs is a non-profit organization that helps to recover lost pets and reunite them with their families. Her proven techniques & advice, which she offers at no charge, has helped families from all around the world be reunited with their lost pets. Along with reuniting families, Babs and her team of dedicated volunteers also help rescue stray dogs and, when unclaimed, find them a forever loving home.

Code: BABS

Baja Paws Rescue

Baja Paws Rescue

Baja Paws Rescue was founded in 2019 with the determination to make an impact on the homeless animal population in Ensenada, Baja California. While the core of their efforts is to save dogs and find them forever homes, Baja Paws team of dedicated volunteers also provide medical care and prevention for dogs in need.

Code: BAJA

Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter

BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter)

Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter, aka BARCS, is a non-profit organization that operates Maryland’s largest open-admission animal shelter and pet adoption center. Their facility takes in 10,000 animals a year, but still maintains more than a 90% live-release rate. Along with their animal care and adoption services, BARCS offers community programs like free and low-cost medical vaccine clinics and a public food bank.


Billie's Buddies Logo

Billie's Buddies

Named after the founder’s dog, Billie’s Buddies is a non-profit animal rescue based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Along with the goal to help animals in need, Billie’s Buddies also aims to bring their local animal shelter & rescue community closer so they can work together in the ultimate goal to get more pets into safe environments and forever homes.


Boxers Mutts & Wiggle Butts Rescue Logo

Boxers, Mutts & Wiggle Butts Rescue

Boxers Mutts & Wiggle Butts Rescue is an all-breed, family run, non-profit dog rescue located in Bakersfield, California. Their goal is to save as many lives as they can by supporting overcrowded shelters and their community, as well as providing information on low cost vaccines, spay/neuter, and dog training.


The Cantu Foundation Logo

The Cantu Foundation

Inspired by the founder’s dog, The Cantu Foundation is a volunteer and donation based non-profit dog rescue with volunteers located across the United States. They rescue and rehabilitate dogs in need from the poorest areas of Tijuana, Mexico and Southern California. Their long-term goal is to build a sanctuary located in Tijuana and rescue even more dogs than they already have.


Meows & Growls of Colbert County Animal Shelter Logo

Colbert County Animal Shelter

Colbert County Animal Shelter is located in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Through their volunteer run non-profit organization, Meows & Growls, this team of dedicated animal lovers work to provide the best environment for their resident dogs until they are adopted into their forever homes.


Companion Pet Rescue Logo

Companion Pet Rescue

Rescuing over 2,500 dogs per year, Companion Pet Rescue is a non-profit dog rescue based in Connecticut. Knowing their limits, they focus their efforts on friendly and heavily socialized dogs that are in need of homes. Along with their adoption and transport program, they have their own spay/neuter outreach program to provide these services to those unable to afford it elsewhere.


Delaware Humane Association Logo

Delaware Humane Association

Founded in 1957, Delaware Humane Association is a non-profit animal care and adoption center that serves a four state area. Along with preparing all of their adoptable dogs and cats for a new home, DHA also serves their community by offering affordable spay/neuter clinics, low cost vaccination clinics, and a pet food pantry. Major, the first rescue dog to live in the White House, was adopted from this facility!

Code: DHA

Doggie Bonez Dog & Puppy Rescue Logo

Doggie Bonez Dog & Puppy Rescue

Doggie Bonez is a non-profit dog rescue organization based out of Orange County, California. They’re dedicated to finding the ideal forever homes for dogs they pull from overcrowded shelters and rescue from environments with poor living conditions, regardless of a dog’s age, temperament, and physical needs. Offering post-adoption follow-up and support has helped them ensure that both the dogs and their new families live their happiest lives together.


Do Over Dogs Logo

Do Over Dogs

Based in Broomfield, Colorado, but with fosters located throughout the entire state, Do Over Dogs is a non-profit dog rescue that gives a second chance to shelter dogs who need it most. This means they focus their rescue efforts on dogs and puppies who are at high risk of euthanasia, whether it’s because of medical, behavioral, or other needs. Their one goal is for every dog they bring into their care to live the best life possible.


Eunoia Rescue Logo

Eunoia Rescue

Pronounced “yoo-noy-ah”, this non-profit dog rescue located in Charleston, South Carolina is completely foster based and can have anywhere between 50-80 rescue dogs under their care. They are dedicated to pulling dogs from surrounding shelters that are overcrowded and putting them into loving foster homes until they find them their forever families.


Family Dogs New Life Shelter Logo

Family Dogs New Life Shelter

Founded by husband and wife team, Family Dogs New Life Shelter is a non-profit located in Portland, Oregon dedicated to rescuing and rehoming dogs of all ages and breeds. They specialize in giving dogs who have run out of time, or are struggling with the environment in other shelters, another chance at the second chance at life that they deserve. Family Dogs New Life Shelter believes that it’s not about being the perfect dog, but rather it is about the dog and adopter being perfect for one another.


Family Dogs New Life Shelter Logo

Fetch Dog Rescue

The 4 founders of Fetch Dog Rescue have committed their lives to taking dogs from bad situations and helping them find their loving forever homes. Although they're based out of Connecticut, they take in and find forever home for dogs from several other states struggling with over crowded shelters, spay and neuter laws and strays. If anyone can, this team of 4 certainly have what it takes to make fetch happen.


Fighting Chance Ranch & Rescue Logo

Fighting Chance Ranch & Rescue

After many years of fostering, this husband and wife team now run Fighting Chance Ranch & Rescue in North Carolina. Believing in the importance of teamwork in the animal rescue world, they happily unite with nearby rescue groups and animal control shelters to find forever homes for dogs in need. While their foster and adoption efforts are focused on dogs and puppies, they also provide sanctuary care for a variety of farm animals who also deserve a fighting chance.


French Bulldog Rescue Network Logo

French Bulldog Rescue Network

As the name suggests, French Bulldog Rescue Network is a non-profit that specializes in rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming French Bulldogs in need. Frenchies in their care come from all types of situations, such as commercial breeding kennels, import brokers, public shelters, and owner surrenders. Their volunteer-based team is dedicated to fostering dogs and also educating the public about the popular breed.

Code: FBRN

Fresno Bully Rescue Logo

Fresno Bully Rescue

Fresno Bully Rescue is a volunteer-based non-profit located in California’s Central Valley that specializes in rescuing bully breed dogs. As one of the only breed-specific rescues with a kennel-facility in California, they provide a temporary home for 40 adult dogs that regularly receive socialization and fun day trips with volunteers. In addition, they provide educational services within their community to fight against breed discrimination and promote responsible pet ownership.


Hank's Legacy Foundation Logo

Hank's Legacy Foundation

Hank’s Legacy Foundation is a non-profit animal rescue located in Southern California. Created in memory of a founder’s first dog Hank, their mission extends beyond saving animals in need and finding them forever homes. They also strive to help more animals through education, community outreach, and working with local shelters.

Code: HANK

Hope Animal Rescue Logo

Hope Animal Rescue

Hope Animal Rescue is a non-profit dog rescue based in North Carolina that works with rural, underfunded shelters to place dogs into one of their volunteer foster homes. They also have a community assistance program that provides high-quality, free, and low-cost services to accommodate families who may not be able to afford comprehensive veterinary care to keep dogs with their families.

Code: HOPE

It's The Pits Dog Rescue Logo

It’s the Pits Dog Rescue

It’s The Pits Dog Rescue is a non-profit that specializes in placing popular Bully breeds into their forever homes all over San Diego, California. They take pride in following the necessary steps to match the perfect dog for every individual family that contacts them.

Stripe Supporter

K94Keeps Logo


K94Keeps is a volunteer and foster based non-profit dog rescue in Chicago, Illinois. Believing that rescue work should begin with education and community involvement, they pull dogs from open-access shelters in Chicago and the surrounding areas. They also work with adopters throughout and after the adoption process to promote a positive, forever relationship.

Code: K94KEEPS

Key To Lion's Heart Rescue Logo

Key To Lion's Heart Rescue

Key To Lion’s Heart Rescue is a non-profit organization founded in honor of an amazing dog named Lion. Based in Maryland, they provide loving and nurturing environments while preparing each dog for adoption. Through their community outreach program, they help educate the community and its youth to help them be a part of the mission to end cruelty and overpopulation in shelters.


The Labelle Foundation Logo

The Labelle Foundation

The Labelle Foundation is a foster based, non-profit dog rescue based in Los Angeles, California. Founded by a mother-daughter duo, this organization specializes in neonatal orphans, medical dogs and mothers and babies. They also emphasize the importance of team work and education on the importance of responsible dog ownership.


Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Logo

Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue

Located in San Diego, Labradors & Friends Dog Rescue helps Labradors, Labrador-mixes, and Labrador “friends” throughout Southern California and the surrounding areas. Taking in approximately 350 dogs and puppies annually, this volunteer and foster-based non-profit organization is dedicated to finding forever, loving homes for every Labrador and “friends” they bring into their care.

Code: LAF

LADA Paws Rescue

LADA Paws Rescue

Lada paws Rescue is located in Hoisington, KS. Their team of dedicated founders and volunteers are committed to finding forever homes for dogs and cats that they are sometimes the last resort for. They save animals from anywhere in KS, areas of OK and TX in need and provide a safe area for them to while waiting for their forever home.


Libby & Mace's Place Rescue Logo

Libby & Mace's Place Rescue

Libby & Mace’s Place Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization that finds homes for both dogs and cats in Charleston, South Carolina. The dogs they rescue are kept in private foster homes and can range from any breed of any age.


Little Black Dog Rescue

Little Black Dog Rescue

As the name suggests, Little Black Dog Rescue focuses their efforts on caring for and placing black dogs into forever, loving homes. Located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, their founder and dedicated team of volunteers work with other rescue groups located in various states and Puerto Rico, to help black dogs, as well as all other color and breed of dogs, be given the chance they deserve to find their forever family.

Code: LBDR

The Little Black Dog Rescue Group

The Little Black Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehomes dogs throughout the DMV area. Recognizing that black and darker coated dogs typically have a harder time getting adopted compared to light coated dogs, their goal is to help any dog in need, no matter the breed, color, or size.

Code: TLBD

The Little Red Dog Logo

The Little Red Dog

Named in memory of a dog who endured the worst and touched their hearts, The Little Red Dog is a non-profit dog rescue located in Laguna Hills, California. Along with their goal to find a forever, loving home for every dog they can, they also provide dog training that teaches people how to communicate to their dog and resolve any unwanted behavior.

Code: TLRD

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue Logo

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

Founded in 2009, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is a volunteer-powered non-profit based out of Arlington, Virginia. They focus their efforts on finding dogs at high risk of euthanasia permanent, well-matched forever homes. By working with their teams of committed volunteers, foster homes, veterinarians, trainers, and shelter partners, Lucky Dog has been able to save over 19,000 lives from low-income and rural areas within the U.S. and internationally.


Lucky's Crew Animal Rescue Logo

Lucky's Crew Animal Rescue

Starting after the founders’ first two dogs arrived on their property, Lucky’s Crew Animal Rescue provides sanctuary and quality care for animals in need with the goal of finding them forever homes. Their crew of permanent four-legged family members welcome all creatures who enter the ranch in Bakersfield, California with wiggly butts, lots of licks and happy barks.


Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue Logo

Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization concentrated on working side by side with the overcrowded shelters in Kern County, California by pulling dogs and getting them into forever, loving homes. Through their multiple community outreach programs, their mission is to use the human and animal bond to make a positive impact and create second chances.


MO4Paws Logo


MO4Paws is a California based non-profit animal rescue and adoption organization. Through partnerships, innovative technology and platforms, education and awareness, and shelter reform, Mo4Paws strives to create a compassionate community where animals and pets can live their best lives.


Mr. Bones & Co. Logo

Mr. Bones & Co.

Founded in 2013, Mr. Bones & Co. is a volunteer-based animal welfare non-profit organization that supports animal rescue and advocacy in New York City, as well as on a national and global level. Their primary function is dog rescue, focusing on dogs with extensive medical, behavioral, or situational needs. This organization also provides support to other shelters and rescue groups through spay/neuter and fundraising events, as well as adoption assistance.


Mutt Scouts Logo

Mutt Scouts

Mutt Scouts is an all-breed, foster-based non-profit dog rescue located in Southern California. They’re dedicated to saving every dog they can, no matter their age, breed, medical, or behavioral needs. Their dedication also goes into being fully transparent to their fosters and adopters about what each dog needs to ensure healthy and happy environments for everyone involved.


NorCal Boxer Rescue Logo

NorCal Boxer Rescue

Founded in 1999, NorCal Boxer Rescue is a non-profit organization that provides temporary sanctuary for boxers in need throughout Northern California and some surrounding areas. While they work hard to save every boxer in need, they prioritize their efforts towards helping the most vulnerable dogs; such as those who are ill, injured, old, or at high risk of euthanasia. Since launching, NCBR’s dedicated team of volunteers and network have helped thousands of boxers be placed in their loving, forever homes.


Oregon Coast Humane Society Logo

Oregon Coast Humane Society

Oregon Coast Humane Society is a non-profit animal shelter located in Florence, Oregon. Along with being dedicated to helping companion animals in need, OCHS also runs programs that help keep pets with their families and provide senior citizen assistance. Their loyal staff & volunteers work hard to serve all aspects of the animals welfare needs in their community.

Code: OCHS

Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue Logo

Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue

Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue is composed solely of volunteers with the unified mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome English and French Bulldogs in need from commercial breeding kennels, public shelters, private rescue groups, owners or Good Samaritans. They also offer education and training to ensure their Bulldogs are placed in happy, forever homes!


Passion for Pitties Logo

Passion for Pitties

Passion for Pitties is a non-profit advocate & rescue group located in Southern California. They specialize in rescuing, rehabilitating, rehoming, and advocating for American Pit Bull Terriers and Pit Bull type dogs. Their mission is to educate communities, emphasize the importance of adopting Pitties, and to overcome the misconceptions people have about these dogs.


Passion for Pitties Logo

PAWS Chicago

Since it was funded in 1997, PAWS Chicago has neem dedicated to building a No Kill Chicago community. Their solutions-based approach has led the way to a 91% drop in euthanasia citywide, as well as performing more than 280,000 free and low-cost spay/neuter surgeries, found permanent homes for over 70,000 pets, and consistently saved 98% of the pets who came through their doors.

Code: PAWS

PAWS Costa Rica Logo

PAWS Costa Rica

PAWS (Pets of Aguirre Welfare Shelter) Costa Rica is a non-profit animal welfare organization located in Quepos, Costa Rica. They work hard to improve the conditions for the dogs and cats in and around Quepos by providing much needed services like spay/neuter and vaccine clinics, as well as increasing education throughout the community. Each month, an average of 40 dogs and cats are adopted into loving, forever homes.


Pawsitive Change Prison Program Logo

Pawsitive Change Prison Program

Marley’s Mutts Pawsitive Change Prison Program partners with California state prisons to pair incarcerated men with rescued dogs for mutual rehabilitation.

In-Kind Sponsor/Annual Donor

Peace, Love & Paws Inc Logo

Peace, Love & Paws Inc

Peace Love & Paws is a volunteer, foster-based non-profit dog rescue located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They pull dogs from overcrowded shelters, when owners pass away or are too ill to care for their dog and place them into loving foster homes as they await adoption. They even take in strays when they have foster homes available.


Peoria County Animal Protection Services Logo

Peoria County Animal Protection Services

Along with a long list of many other responsibilities, Peoria County Animal Protection Services operates the county’s open admission shelter & adoption facility that houses over 4,000 animals. Through partnerships with the local humane society and veterinary medical association they help provide services throughout their community to all pets & their families in need.


Pet Matchmaker Rescue

Pet Matchmaker Rescue

Pet Matchmaker Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue located in Kern County, California. They work with local animal control and network of volunteers to transfer and place dogs into foster homes, or their facility, until they match them with their forever family.

Code: PMMR

Perfectly Imperfect Pups Rescue Logo

Perfectly Imperfect Pups Rescue

The “PIPS” in PIPS Rescue stands for Perfectly Imperfect Pups. As the name suggests, this non-profit dog rescue located in Raleigh, North Carolina focuses on saving the lives of the “perfectly imperfect” medical & special needs dogs that are often overlooked. Their community of “like-minded, kick-ass dog rescue ninjas” strives to find any and all “perfect” or “perfectly imperfect” dogs in their forever, loving home.

Code: PIPS

Pitbulls and Friends Dog Rescue Logo

Pitbulls and Friends Dog Rescue

Pitbulls & Friends Dog Rescue is a volunteer-based non-profit located in San Diego, California. Along with their adoption program, they are dedicated to providing training and education for dogs and their humans. They’re currently in the process of building a rescue facility so they can save more dogs and have a place to train and bond with the dogs in their care.


Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles Logo

Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles

Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles is a non-profit organization with the mission to help every Pug (and Pug mix) in need find a forever, loving home. Their passionate team of founding board members and volunteers live by their motto “one Pug at a time” and have rescued and rehomed over 2,000 Pugs and Pug-mixes since 2011. Any Pug that is unable to find a forever home is given a loving and caring place to live at the “Pug Nation Station” facility.


Pup Culture Rescue Logo

Pup Culture Rescue

Operating out of Los Angeles, Pup Culture Rescue is a female-led team dedicated to saving dogs and educating the community on the importance of adoption. They rescue homeless, mistreated, and overlooked animals both locally and internationally. Once a dog joins their [cult]ure, they’re devoted to providing proper medical care and rehabilitation, and finding them their ideal furever home.


Real Time Rescue Logo

Real Time Rescue

Real Time Rescue is a Los Angeles County and Morongo Basin based animal welfare organization that works to find permanent homes for dogs in need and to keep dogs in their current home.

Rescue All Dogs, Co Logo

Rescue All Dogs, Co

Rescue All Dogs is a non-profit based in Canada that rescues dogs from different places all over the world. Their rescue missions extend from the United States and overseas into the middle east. Their mission expands into spreading awareness and education on dog ownership, the importance of spay/neuter, and the ethical treatment of animals.


The Rescue Chain Logo

The Rescue Chain

Located in Canada, The Rescue Chain Foundation is a non-profit committed to reducing pet overpopulation and homelessness. They create the chain of dog rescue by working with other links, such as local animal shelters, spay/neuter clinics, and other rescue groups.


Rescuing Cujo Logo

Rescuing Cujo

Rescuing Cujo, named to honor their founder’s first dog, is a non-profit dog rescue and sanctuary located in San Diego County. They utilize their network of foster volunteers, local shelters, and rescue groups to help provide the care and affection dogs need as they wait to find their forever homes; no matter what size or breed.

Code: CUJO

Santo's Sanctuary & Rescue Logo

Santo's Sanctuary & Rescue

Santo's Sanctuary & Rescue, Inc. is an all breed dog rescue located in Houston, Texas. Their mission is dedicated to making a continuous positive impact on their local community through saving the lives of Houston street dogs, as well as offering spay/neuter and veterinary care for low-income families. 


Shelter to Solider Logo

Shelter to Solider

Shelter to Soldier is a non-profit located in California that adopts dogs from local shelters and trains them to become psychiatric service dogs for post-9/11 combat veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and/or other injuries associated with traumatic service experiences. Their team of professional dog trainers are experts in the field of training service dogs and have had incredible success since launching.


Simba's Paw Dog Rescue Logo

Simba's Paw Dog Rescue

Specializing in bully breed and pit bull type dogs, Simba’s Paw Dog Rescue is a volunteer based non-profit located in Northern California. They’re dedicated to improving the lives of abused, abandoned, and homeless dogs while also educating the public and promoting responsible pet ownership.


Soft Paws Rescue Logo

Soft Paws Rescue

Soft Paws Rescue is a non-profit, foster and volunteer-based dog rescue located in Santa Rosa, California. They focus their rescue efforts on special needs medical cases from owner surrenders and overcrowded shelters. Their goal is to fit each dog under their care with a perfect foster home, as well the perfect forever home.


Two Girls Lots of Dogs Animal Rescue Logo

Two Girls Lots of Dogs Animal Rescue

Located in North Carolina, these two girls save a lot of dogs and drink wine. Believing that education is a vital component of advancing dog rescue, they utilize their platform to help educate as much as they can without judgement.


Wags & Walks Rescue Logo

Wags & Walks Rescue

Founded in 2011, Wags & Walks Rescue is a community of dog lovers dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding rescue dogs through their unique temperament evaluation, education and adoption programs. Wags & Walks Rescue prides itself on realizing that like amazing dogs, loving families come in all shapes and sizes. Their goal is to find an adopter whose home, family and lifestyle are a perfect fit for a particular dog.

Code: WAGS

Wise Animal Rescue Logo

Wise Animal Rescue

Founded in 2016, Wise Animal Rescue is a non-profit that operates to rescue dogs from unsafe environments and also work with local, underfunded and overcrowded shelters in New Jersey. Their team of dedicated volunteers and network of professionals work hard to create a world where no dog is neglected, abused, or homeless. WISE also invests their time into educating the public about the problems resulting from illegitimate breeding and inhumane treatment of dogs.

Code: WISE

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