"What's the difference between these two?!"

Ever since we introduced the first Buckle Collar (in this badass Phantom Wave color), I've had a few people ask me this.

So...what is the difference between The Martingale Collar and The Buckle Collar?

Here's a brief side by side comparison for a quick n easy read:

Martingale Collar

--Slip-on design to put on & take off

--Gentle snug fit when D-ring is pulled

--Prevents your dog from slipping or

backing out during walks

--Not for all day wear around

the house and/or yard

--Should only be worn while on walks

Buckle Collar

--Use of buckle design to put on & take off

--Stays put at the size you adjust it to

--Easier for your dog to slip off or 

back out during walks

--Perfect for all day wear around

the house and/or yard

--Can be used for walks, but not ideal

There ya have it! Those are the main differences between Best Life's Martingale Collar and Buckle Collar. 

Now comes the hard part: choosing your favorite one...or four. 😉

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