the symbol for rescue dogs

Leashes & collars inspired by a problem

Designed as a solution 


It's all about the two stripes

Made for rescue dogs. Designed to inspire more people to adopt.

We believe people are more likely to adopt a dog after seeing that others already have.  So we created these two white stripes to be your badge of honor and The Symbol For Rescue Dogs®

Specifically designed to let others know you're proud you rescued your dog while inspiring more people to do the same. 


 Over 50 Rescue & Shelter Supporters


the symbol for rescue dogs emblem

One for one donation program

You buy a leash. We'll donate a leash for free.

For every leash or collar sold using a Partner's code we donate a matching leash and collar to their organization for free at the end of each month. Both leashes and collars are constantly needed by many rescue organizations and animal shelters. Our leash and collar donations allows more funds to be allocated to bigger needs, like medical treatment, behavioral rehabilitation, and rescue missions. 

symbol for rescue dogs jack and sam

Durability's Never Looked So Good

Long lasting quality and style built for the ones that earned it.

We spared no expense in creating a stylish leash that gets noticed and lasts longer, because we believe the only reason you should have to buy another leash is for more colors to coordinate your pack.

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