Ever swooned over a leash? Well...get ready to!

1. The warm and fuzzies you get from helping more dogs find homes.

You’ll get that warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that when you use our leash, you’re actively contributing towards an initiative to help more dogs find loving, forever homes; all by simply letting those two white stripes show. 

Learn more about our two white stripes.

The two white stripes on our leash are designed to be easily seen and used as a symbol to tell others that you rescued your dog, and to inspire them to do the same. 

When more people decide to rescue, more dogs find forever homes.

2. The built in cargo pocket that has a poop bag dispenser.

You’ll feel lighter and free using our leash without a bulging pocket and bulky clip-on poop bag dispenser swinging wildly with every step you take. 

(Those plastic ones can really do a number on your knuckles sometimes!)

Large enough to hold a roll of standard poop bags and a set of keys, the cargo pocket feature of our leash is a game changer for everyone that uses it.

Ever gotten stuck without a bag because the clip-on holding your supply fell off somewhere along the way...or maybe you didn’t realize you only had one left and nature called doggo a second time? 

No matter why it happens...it’s not a fun situation to be in.

So we placed our cargo pocket with the padded handle and made of soft material. Easily seen and easy to feel if you’re running low or need a refill...before leaving the house.

The finishing touch is the ultra convenient poop bag dispenser. It's reinforced with accented gold metal, meaning you’ll never have to struggle with pulling out a bag. Plus you’ll have a pretty stylish poop bag dispenser. Winning!

3. The length that makes it easier to quickly gain control and maneuver through crowded city areas.

You’ll have master-level maneuvering skills when walking through busier areas, thanks to the 4 foot leash length. Well...4 feet 3 inches if we're being precise.

It's the perfect length recommended by experts for walks in the city.

It allows your investigative pooch to sniff every corner, fire hydrant, and park tree along the way, but makes it easier to move through crowded areas (without your leash becoming a trip wire to passerbys) and quickly gain control when needed.

4. The soft, yet durable material that won’t fray or fade, so it stays looking new even after years of use.

You’ll have a leash capable of a long-term commitment without the consequence of having a leash that looks like it’s been around for years and years. You’ve seen one...maybe even have one. Frayed. Faded. Might even have small tears here and there. Threatening to snap any moment there’s pulling from either end.

Except it’s some stylish leash you bought on sale 6 months ago.

Or your ancient looking leash might be years old, sturdy, and built to last another 10 years. 

Yes it looks as if your dad’s dad used it for his first dog, but it’s what to expect when you buy a well-made leash that’ll last a lifetime. It’s unavoidable. “It’s just broken-in”, you say, “and all of the long-lasting leashes can be awkward and stiff for so long when they’re new.”

Why does it seem like there’s some unwritten rule that if you want a leash that’s made of a soft, pliable smooth material that doesn’t require being broken in, it ends up a faded, hot frayed mess within months?! 

Well...we broke that rule. 

We made our leash have a soft, “broken-in” feel right from day 1, but won’t fray, fade, or look super old...even when it actually is super old.

Our signature Cargo Leash is the same material as seat belts and race car harnesses (a reinforced polyester webbing), so it has these awesome qualities:

  • resistance to abrasion (fraying)
  • resistance to sunlight (fading)
  • excellent color fastness (won’t fade over time)
  • quick drying
  • resistance to permanent staining
  • high strength tenacity that can withstand thousands of strong sudden pulls 

5. The two padded handles that make walks with your dog more comfortable and secure.

Your hands will be happier while holding our two padded grip points. This feature of our signature Cargo Leash makes even the longest walks more comfortable. Positioned just below the padded wrist loop sits a second handle that replaces the need for the old “wrap a second loop around the hand” technique. 

Even if you do need to wrap a second loop for a brief moment, the smooth, soft material is gentle on skin, so your walks stay comfortable the entire time. No matter what.

Using both padded grip points reduces the possibility of injuries to your skin, wrists, and hands while walking with your dog.

With their powers combined, the two padded handles create a more comfortable, safe, and ergonomically friendly way to hold onto your dog’s leash.

6. The modern, eye-catching style that you’ll love to show off, making it easier to share your dog’s story and inspire more people to rescue, too.

You enjoy having stylish things...who doesn’t...but for dog parents, it seems that our choices of leashes and collars have been limited to deciding between patterns and/or colors that fall into two extremes: flashy/cute or plain/unremarkable. 

Our product style and colors (coming spring 2020) are influenced by current and predicted fashion color trends.


This makes our signature Cargo Dog Leash compliment every outfit for any occasion so you can coordinate your pack. 

You’re swooning over a leash! Totally called for. I mean...this leash can fulfill your desire to help more dogs live their Best Life, just by walking your dog and sharing your rescue story! Start letting your stripes show today. 

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