B.E.E. (Big Envy Energy) - Cargo Leash 5ft
B.E.E. (Big Envy Energy) - Cargo Leash 5ftB.E.E. (Big Envy Energy) - Cargo Leash 5ftB.E.E. (Big Envy Energy) - Cargo Leash 5ft

The Leash For Rescue Dogs™ with built-in cargo pocket

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Made of soft and durable material, the Cargo Leash effortlessly creates the ultimate walking experience. Its 3 handles allow you to effortlessly shorten or lengthen the leash and have moisture-wicking neoprene padding that’s soft on the hands, allowing for a more comfortable and safer grip. The attached cargo pocket with bag dispenser gets rid of swinging bulky clip-ons so you’re less distracted and more able to focus on enjoying walks with your dog while repping your stripes - The Symbol For Rescue Dogs®

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1 inch


5 ft


• Made of soft and durable reinforced polyester webbing that’s fade and fray resistant.

• Machine washable so your stripes always stay bright.

• 3 moisture-wicking padded handles let you effortlessly lengthen or shorten the leash mid-walk

• Gold color finish hook easy to open & closed; designed to withstand even the strongest of pulls

• Triple stitching for longer durability

What can I fit in the Cargo pocket?

We spent hours making thoughtful and usable features on this leash. The Cargo pocket allows you to fit poop bags, treats, keys or whatever else you like to take on your walks together. With a zipper on one side and a poop bag dispenser on the other, we are excited to make your walks more enjoyable together.

Why is this leash for rescue dogs?

The two stripes are The Symbol For Rescue Dogs™. Those bad boys are the secret weapon to inspiring more people to rescue. Easily seen from across the street, our signature two white stripes are a symbol to let others know:

1. You chose to adopt

2. Your dog is a rescue

3. There’s a story behind how the two of you found each other. 

To help even further, we donate matching leashes and collars to our over 50+ rescue and shelter partners that you can find by clicking here.

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Super Useful Cargo Compartment

Use this for keys, poop bags and treats.

The cargo compartment has it's own poop bag dispenser and has enough room to fit an extra roll of bags or other items like keys.

Padded Extra Comfort Handles

Never lose your grip and feel extra secure.

Grip by the end handle or the secondary grip area using your forearm for extra support, relieve pressure on your wrist and prevent the leash from slipping out of your hand. 

High Traffic Handle

When you need more control on walks

This leash has three separate handles to use for every situation including a high traffic handle that allows you to immediately shorten the leash when you need more control when walking. 


What's with the two white stripes?

Let others know you've rescued and inspire them to do the same.

Those bad boys are the secret weapon to helping more dogs find homes. Easily seen from across a city street, our signature two white stripes are a symbol to let others know 1. You chose to adopt, 2. Your dog is a rescue, 3. There’s a story behind how the two of you found each other. Helping more dogs find homes and inspiring more people to rescue is now as simple as taking your dog for a walk in the city. 

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