Awesome Olive - Martingale Collar
Awesome Olive - Martingale CollarAwesome Olive - Martingale CollarAwesome Olive - Martingale CollarAwesome Olive - Martingale Collar

Premium Anti-Slip Dog Collar - Hangs loose for comfort and pulls secure when needed.

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The collar made for rescue dogs. Your dog’s walk just became more comfortable and safer with our Martingale Collar. As the top choice among dog trainers, our Martingale Collar has a loose and relaxed comfort fit, but pulls snug when needed to safely prevent your dog from slipping out. Its soft and lightweight material won’t rub on your dog’s skin or cause a dented line in the fur like most collars do. Pair this up with a City Walk or Cargo Leash to really let your stripes show. Two white stripe = The Symbol For Rescue Dogs™.

Three different sizes:

Small (adjustable length 11"-15", width 1")

Medium (adjustable length 14"-19", width 1.5")

Large (adjustable length 18"-24", width 1.5")

• Martingale collar design prevents your dog from backing up and slipping out on walks, keeping you both safe during walks together

• Reinforced polyester webbing is ultra durable to keep your dog safe and won’t fray or tear

• No more needing to buy replacement collars!

• Collar metal attachments and sturdy D-ring dipped in gold color finish

• Soft and lightweight for your dog’s comfort

• Noticeable two stripe design lets you proudly show that you rescued your dog and inspire others to do the same

What's with the two white stripes?

Let others know you've rescued and inspire them to do the same.

Those bad boys are the secret weapon to helping more dogs find homes. Easily seen from across a city street, our signature two white stripes are a symbol to let others know 1. You chose to rescue, 2. Your dog is a rescue, 3. There’s a story behind how the two of you found each other. Helping more dogs find homes and inspiring more people to rescue is now as simple as taking your dog for a walk in the city. 

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