Why is the symbol for rescue dogs two white stripes?

Once we determined that there was a definite need to create a symbol for rescue dogs, the most difficult task was figuring out how to fit all of the grand meanings and emotions associated with adopting a rescue dog into a symbol so small...it fits on a dog leash

Other than being easy to see and recognize on a leash or collar, the two white stripes also represent important aspects that are unique to the relationship between you and your rescue dog. 

The color white represents purity and new beginnings; a clean slate.

When you adopted your rescue dog, it was the beginning of a fresh, clean start for both of you. White stripes portray the new relationship you have together that has no past, but instead a bright white future filled with happy memories, cuddles, belly rubs, and plenty of fun adventures. 

There are two stripes to represent the best part of having your dog. 

They convey how you and your rescue dog have always, and will always, stay side by side throughout this crazy journey of life together. 

Through every one of those perfect (and not so perfect) days, and even through the knocked over trash cans, naughty chewing sessions, accidents on the floor, and unexpected vet bills...you’ll always be at each other’s side. 

Get your rescue stripes.

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