The Best Life Martingale Collar:

What, Why, & How?

What is a Martingale Collar?

Although there are multiple types of martingale collars, we’ll be focusing on Best Life’s Martingale Collar slip-on style. Which means to put it on your dog, you simply slip it over their head - no buckles or hooks involved. 

Also known as a no-slip or limited-slip collar, Martingale collars have two loops; a smaller loop with a D-ring to clip a leash on, and an adjustable larger loop that hangs around a dog’s neck like a traditional collar.

The two-loop design of martingale collars causes the collar to constrict whenever the leash is pulled on, preventing a dog from being able to slip or back out of it while on walks. Unlike slip leads or choke collars, martingale collars won’t tighten beyond your dog’s neck width when fitted properly. 

This means that even if a dog continues to slip or back out of the collar by pulling harder, the adjustable loop will not tighten any more around your dog’s neck per your sizing.

So the dog won’t be able to slip out of the collar, but it also won’t cause a choking hazard like choke chains and slip leads do. 

Why Use Best Life’s Martingale Collar?

Along with the obvious choice for any rescue dog (to show off those two white stripes) there are plenty more reasons why you & your dog will love this collar. 

It’s made of the same soft, lightweight material as our best-selling signature Cargo Leash. Walk with confidence knowing that even if your dog quickly darts backwards, attempts to slip out, or suddenly decides to stop walking and plops on the ground (like mine does 🤣), there’s no chance of getting loose and running into potential danger. 

And thanks to the limited pull-tight feature, it’s also the most humane and comfortable option to have that extra safety, plus gain more control during walks. 👍

That extra control is from the tightening of the collar when pulled against, but relaxing back to its original shape once the pulling stops. Your dog will learn to associate the tightening of the collar with the action of pulling, helping them learn good leash behavior.**

**This is not intended as training advice and any training tools should not be the primary or starting point of any training process. A lot of rescues and shelters provide local resources for training on their website, so check out the big list of Rescue Partnersand scroll through to find ones in your area, click their website link, and find their “resources” page.**

Finally, Best Life’s Martingale Collar has a sleek, modern style and comes in a collection of vibrant color options (with more that are constantly being added) to go with the latest style trends. No bulky buckles, extra straps, or other gadgets to get in the way of showing those stripes and looking damn good. 

There’s a reason over 50 rescue organizations, animal shelters, and dog trainers are obsessed with the quality and function of Best Life’s Martingale Collar. 😉

How To Size & Adjust Best Life’s Martingale Collar?

Obtaining the proper fit of any martingale collar is extremely important to ensure that it functions properly. In order to get the best fit, you gotta start with the correct size. 👌

Grab a measuring tape and follow the steps below to ensure you choose the correct size of Best Life Martingale Collar for your dog.

*Tip: Jot down the needed measurements on a piece of paper or in your phone to avoid mixing them up (guilty...don’t be like me). If storing them for future reference (great idea), just be sure to re-measure and update them if/when needed.*

1. Measure (in inches) all the way around your dog’s head at its largest point.

This’ll usually be somewhere behind the eyes, but in front of the ears. Measure multiple points to be sure you find the largest area.

2. Measure (inches) all the way around your dog’s smallest part of the neck.

This is almost always just behind the ears. Again, measure multiple spots in that area to be sure you get the smallest neck measurement.

3. Measure (inches) all the way around your dog’s largest area of the neck.

This is where a collar would naturally sit.

4. Select the largest of those 3 measurements and add 2 inches.

This is how you determine the correct Best Life Martingale Collar size based on our sizing chart.

**Our collar widths can vary from color to color, so please review all sizing information listed on each individual product page to be sure you select the correct size and width that’s best for your dog.**

Adjusting for the perfect fit:

You’ve taken the measurements, chosen the correct size of Best Life Martingale Collar, and now it has arrived! Woot woot! Now let’s get that perfect fit:

1. Loosen the collar all the way with the sliding adjuster.

Moving the slide towards the stripes makes it smaller, moving it away from the stripes makes it larger.

2. Slip over your dog’s head.

Moving the slide towards the stripes makes it smaller, moving it away from the stripes makes it larger.

3. Adjust the collar around your dog’s neck so that you can slip two fingers between your dog and the collar.

Moving the slide towards the stripes makes it smaller, moving it away from the stripes makes it larger.

4. Pull the D-ring lightly to make sure the two metal slides on each side of the smaller loop move towards each other and that the larger loop tightens with it.

Also check that the limited-tighten feature does prevent the collar from tightening beyond the width of your dog’s neck, but still cannot be slipped off.

Boom! You are all set and ready to hit the town with your best friend, looking good and showing off those stripes! 🙌

Expand your stripe collection with more colors!

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