Episode 1: The Unknown Life of a Deaf Dog

Episode 1: The Unknown Life of a Deaf Dog

The rescue mom of @tuggy_tugboat and miss pickles joins Best Life Leashes episode 1 to talk about the unknown life of a dog influencer, having a deaf dog and 3 things to know before you foster. 

Youtube Podcast Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seJ75fkIZPk

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At Best Life Leashes, we have one goal: build quality dog leashes that inspire more people to rescue dogs. It's a fact that when people hear rescue stories or see that others chose to rescue a dog, they are inspired to do the same. We've specifically designed the signature two white stripes on our leashes to be the official symbol for rescue dogs. Proudly let others know that your dog is a rescue and help to end the misconceptions about rescue dogs without having to say a word.

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